As a Topliner, my creativity helps me craft unique vocal melodies that add an intriguing and sensual dimension to music. My vocal melodies create a captivating interplay with the instrumental melodies.

My eclectic musical style, influenced by cinema, offers an epic dimension akin to Hans Zimmer. While my dreamlike world aligns with dream pop in the style of Lana Del Rey, my versatile voice, both soft and powerful, brings a unique duality to my creations. It effortlessly adapts to a variety of genres such as pop, rock, country, and Dark country. We can also add folk or electro to the mix.

When it comes to lyrics, I tackle taboo subjects while staying grounded in current events. My deep understanding of human psychology allows me to detect the artist’s emotions. This enables me to suggest evocative themes while emphasizing the significance of what the music evokes.

Armed with a vast musical knowledge, I craft captivating harmonies and progressions. I employ diverse sonic textures to captivate the listener’s ear. My collaborations with various musicians and producers are guided by a multifaceted vision of music, aiming to create unique sonic landscapes for each artist.

My atypical vocal technique, explored across diverse genres, manifests in a deep and sensual register. It seamlessly blends with the contemporary pop-rock landscape. Innovation is my driving force. A relentless curiosity compels me to craft novel sonic environments, boldly merging musical genres.

My keen ear and passion for psychology empower me to delve into the heart of artists’ needs, crafting captivating melodies that resonate with their essence. As a Topliner, I am committed to delivering a unique and innovative touch to each project, capturing the emotion and musical essence of every artist I collaborate with.

Elsa Monroe - TopLiner

Topliner: The Art of Crafting Captivating Melodies

A topliner is responsible for crafting the lyrics of a song. This may involve working on specific themes, adapting the lyrics to align with the artist’s or producer’s style, and conveying emotions consistent with the song’s tone. In addition to lyrics, the topliner also creates the song’s melody. This often includes selecting the main vocal lines, harmonies, and melodic arrangements.

Topliners collaborate closely with music producers, artists, and other songwriters to create a complete song. Collaboration can be done in person or remotely, depending on the project’s requirements. A skilled topliner must be able to adapt to various musical styles and understand the artistic preferences of those they work with.